Privacy Policy

Thank you for frequenting our site. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the pages included in our site.

  • We will not collect any information that will personally identify you, unless you openly provide that information to us, on your own accord.
  • Any personal information that you elect to provide, is protected by our security policies.
  • Information regarding your visit that is not personal in nature, will be collected automatically by our site, and stored temporarily, and then later purged.
  • Our site will never give, disclose, sell, or transfer your personal information, to anyone, unless we are required to do so by Federal laws or summoned by law enforcement.

If you elect to provide personal information to our site, on your own accord—such as submitting a “Contact Us” request, sending an email, completing a survey, or leaving a comment—we may only utilise the personal information that you give us to answer your message, or to assist us with getting you the information that you require, regarding the services that you requested. Including your personal information when contacting us, such as: (your name, address, email address, phone number etc.), is done on a voluntary basis, and is never required to be able to obtain information from our site.

Once information is given to our site, your information will only be retained for a short frame of time. The information is retained, long enough, for us to be able to respond to your questions or requests, and in most cases, will never be kept longer than three months at a time. The information, after that period of time, will be maintained and later destroyed under the Federal Records Act. The information may be disclosed in some rare cases such as: for a federal court summons, court order, or request from a Privacy Act Systems notice.

Our site will take all of the necessary precautions to protect children that are utilizing our site. We will follow all of the proper guidelines, outlined by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Consent from a parent or guardian is required, before we will be able to use, share, or collect any personal information from a child that is under the age of thirteen.

We maintain separate accounts with third party websites, such as social networking sites, and utilize various online tools, in order to be able to interact with the general public. The privacy policies that we express on our site do not carry over to the third party sites. Therefore, if you access a third party site from our site, the site is not obligated to abide by the same policies that we enforce. Make sure that you read the privacy policies on those sites, before dispelling any of your personal information.

We pride ourselves on not utilising cookies to obtain your personal location, or personal information. Cookies are generally used to track online activities, and place themselves onto your systems hardware. When you visit our site, you can be rest assured that none of your actions are being tracked, and no cookies will ever be placed onto your system.